After final approval of the design, the designer develops drawings in greater detail for construction. We place orders and track progress, keeping you in the loop. Your selections are shipped, received by our warehouse and checked for quality.


Once all selections have been finalized and every detail is determined, We create a detailed set of documents that include floor plans, elevations, and schedules, these documents ensure that all contractors, the clients, and I are all on the same page during the construction and install phase.

Below are a few of the documents that I create during a design project:

Furniture Plan: floorplans with the proposed furniture and decor for a design placed in the space.

Reflected Ceiling Plans: show what is happening on the ceiling in the space, including structural elements like ceiling height changes and fixtures.

Elevations: 2D, single wall plans that help further clarify design intent. These drawings are often used to show the height of furniture and fixtures and visualize specific details like art and built-ins.

Specifications/Details: small elements of the room blown-up to a larger scale to show design intent. A fireplace or shower with an intricate tile pattern is a good example of something that would be shown as a specification/detail.

Schedules: detailed lists of Furniture, Finishes and Equipment and where they are to be located/installed. Think flooring, paint, appliances, and what rooms and walls they are supposed to be located in/on.


We will submit proposals to you for all design merchandise. Upon approval and deposit we will place all orders. We will be in constant contact with the vendors and shipping departments to follow up on the orders to ensure everything arrives on schedule, including;

• Receive acknowledgements on all purchased items
• Follow up on all deliveries, track lead times
• Alert to back orders, determine if re-selection is necessary
• Managing freight & deliveries and their fees
• Inspect custom-made pieces like upholstery, furnishings, cabinetry & window coverings

Items purchased by Le Rêve Interiors go into a licensed, bonded, insured and climate-controlled warehouse (R&D) awaiting installation.

This service will vary with project scope.

It's worth the wait!!

Custom, high-end products and fine furnishings take time to make, and deliver. The Programming and Design phases are one aspect of the time the whole process takes, but there is also the time it takes to custom-make or hand-make your items.